Untitled, 2012, Kaveri Nair
Kaveri Nair
Acrylic on panel

About the Work

Kaveri Nair’s painterly vocabulary is composed of spots, drips, and sprays. Her works are the kind of canvases you’d be happy to call your friends; they’re welcoming and attractive but never too resolved in their own beauty. They’re sitting at a sidewalk café table on a Saturday morning wearing the perfect early fall dress and talking loud over a hangover.

Often, solid, heavy foreground passages cloud transparent backgrounds. The push-pull of subject and surface contributes to the tension while a cool, atmospheric palette envelopes the eye in a cloud of expressive gesture. The artist’s hand is eminently visible, imposing personality on impersonal paint.

Nair’s loosely geometric abstract paintings focus on materials and process. What sets them apart is their freedom; the grand boldness of a gesture that’s brash and fast and joyful, an economy of bright primary color, and a clarity in their construction.

These are paintings that are honest about their means: giant stripes and gloopy circles chase each other across every surface; wide marks don’t bother stopping for the edge.

In Nair’s work, painting is a transitional site– a place where shapes are notational, and can be destroyed with a flick of the brush. Fearlessly, Nair freezes her paintings in moments of transition. That’s where the excitement of looking at them comes from. You can tell this is somebody who isn’t afraid to carpet-bomb the surface and start over, and each painting feels like it’s teetering on the edge of an unknown big moment. They maintain a breezy freshness where it always feels like there’s room enough to spare. Space for the eye to alight and take off again. What we’re looking at is the haptic record of a very confident painter’s thoughts. Let’s watch.

View more of Nair’s work at KaveriNair.com.

Additional Information

Dimensions 10 × 12 in