Depth_Editor_Debug (Print 5)

James George & Alexander Porter
Lambda Metallic (C-Metallic Ultra Endura) Print

About the Work

James George (programmer and new media artist) and Alexander Porter (photographer) created these images with a Microsoft Kinect infrared camera mounted to a digital SLR. The Kinect camera senses the depth points of a scene, creating an abstract array of data that is then overlaid with recognizable visual information taken from the normal camera, combined via custom software. The result is a world perceived half by machine and half by human, a hybrid pinned by the recent coinage of “New Aesthetic.”

All of the artists’ images offered here were rendered from a single set of data. Their technology-enhanced setup means that the photograph is no longer a finite object; an infinite number of visualizations can be created from a single exposure by using their software to approximate different camera angles and positions. Henri Cartier-Bresson’s “decisive moment,” the snap of the shutter capturing a single scene, is no longer found out in the world but on the computer screen. George and Porter turn photography into a desk job, and expose a new universe of visual possibilities in the process.

Mounted on 1/8″ Sintra with 1/4″ plexiglass face
Built-in wood brace with hanging bracket
Edition of 5
Individually signed & numbered

Additional Information

Dimensions 16 × 24 in